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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you taking new patients? How long is the wait?
    Yes, we are! Certain providers have longer wait times than others. How soon you are scheduled also depends on the type of service you are seeking. For instance, psychological assessments typically entail longer waits than counseling or psychotherapy. Please give us a ring for more information: (937) 276-3356.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    Most likely! To see a list of insurance accepted by our providers, please visit our insurance page: Insurance Accepted We frequently become credentialed with new companies, so, if you do not see your insurance company listed, please call our billing coordinator to inquire at (937) 276-3356.
  • Do we have licensed psychologists on staff?
    A number of our providers are licensed psychologists. Others are counselors and social workers. Our licensed providers also supervise advanced graduate students who provide services as clinical trainees.
  • What types of testing are performed here?
    Often referred to as “psychological assessments” or “evaluations,” we perform the following varieties of testing: • Academic • Achievement • Cognitive • Diagnostic • Intelligence • Personality • Psychoeducational • Therapeutic Assessment • Trauma (PTSD) *please note: we do not perform disability evaluations (social security), court-ordered evaluations (custody; competency), or workers’ compensation evaluations
  • Do we prescribe medications?
    Medical doctors and advanced nurse practitioners prescribe psychiatric medications. While our providers work closely with these medical professionals, we do nota have prescriber on staff.
  • What is the cost without insurance?
    If you are paying for services without insurance, the costs for therapy/counseling are as follows: Initial Intake (60 minutes) = $180 Therapy Session (55 minutes) = $145 Briefer Therapy Session (45 minutes) = $115 Abbreviated Therapy Session (30 minutes) = $90 Group Therapy Session = $55 Psychological Assessment: varies depending on the extent of the evaluation (note: not all assessment costs may be covered by your insurance
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