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What We Do

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Individual Counseling &


Clinical counselors provide emotional support and guidance during times of turmoil, loss, and change. Psychotherapy is considered a treatment of choice for individuals experiencing any of a variety of mental illnesses, involving depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, or dissociation. This more intensive format can also be valuable for treating personality disorders, bipolar illness, and thought disorders. Whether you are dealing with a recent bump in the road or have been contending with emotional challenges for a longer time, our therapists will help you connect with hope and discover how to make lasting changes in your inner and outer world. During a preintake phone call, a specialist will gather detailed information used to pair you with a therapist that is likely to be a great fit.

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(PLEASE NOTE: we are not currently accepting new assessment referrals). Cordell Associates LLC has a nearly 50-year legacy of providing comprehensive diagnostic assessment/evaluation services. We are experienced in performing testing/assessments for developmental, psychological, behavioral, academic/learning, and other cognitive concerns. We provide these services to individuals of all ages. Referral questions and presenting concerns for which we commonly assess include: personality functioning, mood and/or thought disturbances, trauma, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, learning/academic difficulties, autism spectrum and other developmental disorders, and behavioral disorders. These evaluations can be highly valuable for informing treatment planning and directing the individual toward additional supportive resources, as well as for providing recommendations, with the client’s/guardian’s consent, to other involved professionals such as school personnel, psychiatrists and other medical providers.

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Family Therapy & Couples


Life’s challenges typically involve more than just one individual – both in their origins and in their resolutions. We provide comprehensive mental health treatment that often engages the client’s other family members or significant other(s). Parents and/or other caregivers are routinely involved in the treatment process with their minor children and adolescents to build better communication pathways, strengthen parenting skills, and support effective coping strategies for all involved. Moreover, sometimes it is beneficial to have the whole family system, including siblings and/or close extended family members such as grandparents, included in the family sessions as well. Also, adult clients experiencing relational difficulties can choose to engage in couple’s treatment with their respective partners. Several of our clinicians have specialized training in providing clients these treatment modalities in addition to or instead of individual psychotherapy services.

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Therapy groups offer unique opportunities to learn and engage with others who are motivated to grow. Our practice has developed numerous groups over the years. Current offerings include kids social skills group; parenting skills group; dialectical behavior therapy (DBT; a skills-based program for highly distressed individuals); and a process group (for longer-term clients who have experienced growth during individual therapy and are looking to challenge themselves to grow further through unstructured interaction). An LGBTQ+ support group, a men’s issues group, and a trauma-focused yoga class are also in the works. Check back soon for updates or call the office for more details. All groups are led by a licensed clinician.

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